Micromac Filtration has successfully completed the installation of a major Run Down Screen and spray bar system at a paper mill in Devon.  The system, which is designed and supplied by Micromac, is intended to remove paper and plastic contaminants from the plant’s effluent treatment system and thereby increase its efficiency.

The mill has a total annual production capacity of 35,000 tonnes of paper, which is 100 per cent recycled and 100 per cent recyclable.  The mill is a specialist manufacturer of recycled coloured papers and boards. Its products are used widely in educational establishments throughout the UK and in the stationery market.

“Our challenge was to remove paper and plastic waste from our effluent treatment plant at the earliest possible point in the process,” explained the engineering manager at the mill. “The Micromac system will improve the efficiency of our effluent treatment plant and enable us to meet our environmental targets.”

Part of the sophistication of the Run Down Screen (RDS) is its simplicity: the screen has no moving parts, which minimises maintenance and makes it easy to install.  In this case the screen was installed by the mill’s own maintenance team.

Because Micromac designs and constructs all its own equipment in the UK, the company can incorporate bespoke design modifications to meet the specific needs of each customer application.

“Early trials were encouraging and the screen does remove more than the expected amount of fibre and plastic,” confirmed the engineering manager.  “Micromac’s product quality is very good and their pre- and post-delivery support is also first rate.  The Micromac team has followed up the installation and assisted with recommendations for improvements.  They always provide good professional friendly advice.”

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