Low Head Sand Filter

The Low Head Sand Filter is for the removal of suspended solids (SS) from high volume wastewater flows.  It is used for the tertiary filtration of wastewater prior to discharge.  Solids within the wastewater flow are trapped on the surface of a bed of granular sand, allowing filtered wastewater to pass through the bed to discharge.  The sand, which is contained in a series of cells, is regularly cleaned by means of a backwash which returns the solids to the head of the system for reprocessing.

The compact design permits it to be transported to site on a lorry, placed on a concrete base using the lorry's on-board crane, and operational within 2–3 days. It is self contained and requires only the connection of an electrical supply and pipework for the wastewater feed, discharge and backwash.

The machines come in a range of standard sizes, and can also be installed in parallel to increase flow rates. They can also be designed to meet specific flow requirements.


 a Sand Filter in a 
temporary installation


compact size, low height
• complete Low Head Sand Filter may be transported on one lorry
• can be installed in 2–3 days
• low power requirement for backwash, and none for filtration
• totally enclosed clean water chamber, no risk of contamination
• rectangular filter bed may also be totally enclosed
• easily maintained
• extended sand life


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