Part of one of the largest food producers is now able to efficiently process all its wastewater discharges on-site, including waste that was previously tankered off-site, following the installation of a new treatment system designed and installed by Micromac, manufactured in the UK.

Situated in one of England’s most stunning and sensitive natural environments on Exmoor, the meat processing company is a real business success.  A factor impeding its growth, however, has been restrictions placed on the factory’s waste output by the regional utility company. The restrictions were placed on the discharge flow rate so that the local sewerage treatment works would not become overloaded.

After consultation with Micromac, the meat processor redeveloped its wastewater treatment system so that they could process significantly increased volumes from an extra processing line on site and still remain under their discharge consent limits.

The wastewater treatment system installed by Micromac comprises a 300m3 balance tank with a Helixor aeration and mixing system; new pump systems to provide metered discharge, and a new control system with intuitive diagnostic display and control panels. Two new Run Down Screens replace an ineffective and unreliable rotary screen.  The new screens clean the effluent and remove solids, and are simple, reliable and effective – and with no moving parts, they have minimal maintenance requirements.  Since the screens are so effective, the factory has reduced its chemical usage within the effluent treatment system and this further reduces costs.

“This project has not only met our expectations but exceeded them considerably,” reported the engineering manager for the company. “Today, we process our waste more efficiently and reliably than before; and we have made substantial savings in other waste transport costs, since we can now process that waste in-house.  We used to send much of our meat processing waste for disposal off-site, but we now drain this waste to our effluent plant, where the new screens and effective aeration by the Helixors process it well.  We would never have been able to do this with our old plant. This saves us approximately £50,000 per year and we are now well under our consent limits.”

A key element of Micromac’s system solution to this company’s effluent treatment needs was expert consultancy and design services.  By fully understanding the business drivers within the enterprise, Micromac was able to specify a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution to the factory’s needs.

“Micromac’s experience assisted me in the purchase and installation of static Run Down Screens on our new tank,” explained the engineering manager. “We had been advised that this type of screen would not work well in our environment - a statement I refuted, and with Micromac’s assurances we won them over. Needless to say they have been a complete success.”

In addition to being able to process a greater quantity of effluent, the company’s effluent quality has significantly improved as a result of the new treatment system: it has less suspended solids; and it has a drastically reduced Chemical Oxygen Demand.  As a result, although the factory is producing a greater volume of effluent, the firm’s effluent bills, which are based on the Mogden formula, are reduced.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Micromac as they are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, punctual and have a can-do attitude to almost everything,” concluded the engineering manager.  “When things go wrong they are flexible and quick to assist in the solving of the problem.  After sales/installation service is also first rate and they are very helpful when assisting with any new problems that need addressing, even when there is no extra business for them.”

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