With over 2,000 systems installed worldwide, the Helixor is recognised as the leading product in its class.  The sub-surface system works from anchored units, which are fed with low-pressure air or gas and create highly turbulent flows of air to vigorously mix and aerate the liquid.  The Helixor has been successfully used in a number of applications from the treatment of industrial wastewater, domestic sewage treatment, water quality improvement, lake aeration (safeguarding summer fish kill – lack of oxygen), ice prevention and pH balancing (industrial mixing, etc).

The Helixor aeration system employs a simple and direct design methodology that is also a hallmark of Micromac's wastewater treatment systems. The Helixor facilitates efficient oxygen transfer and complete mixing conditions. It requires minimal capital costs thanks to its simplicity of installation and start-up. The absence of any moving parts underwater results in significant savings in operating and maintenance costs.


• no moving parts
• little or no maintenance
• easily installed
• efficient air transfer
• low capital cost

Helixors in an Activated Sludge Tank as part
of an installation at an abattoir where the discharge
is to a river



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