Micromac Filtration successfully completed a major wastewater treatment system design and installation project in North East Lincolnshire at the base of one of the country’s leading suppliers of frozen ready meals.  This company produces over two million meals each week from two sites in the UK.

Selected as design and technology partner by the company’s Engineering Manager, Micromac has completely re-designed and upgraded the plant’s wastewater treatment infrastructure.  As a result, the company reports that it is benefiting from lower costs associated with wastewater treatment, and they have complete confidence that all their wastewater discharges meet with consent limits applied by their local utility company.

Firstly, Micromac replaced an under-sized Run Down Screen (RDS) which had a tendency to block and require manual clearing – often at night.  Micromac designed and installed a new, larger RDS with a spray wash bar which helps prevent blocking.  By positioning the RDS at ground level, any maintenance tasks are now also much easier.

Secondly, Micromac has designed, supplied and installed a complete Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system, which is constructed from stainless steel throughout.  A DAF unit is very effective at removing suspended solid matter, and a centrifuge subsequently dries the sludge from the DAF unit to reduce waste volume by over 80%.  This has saved the company an appreciable amount on sludge disposal costs.

Finally, Micromac supplied and installed Helixor aeration units in the treatment system’s balance tank to mix the effluent, making it more uniform and easier to process.  The Helixor facilitates efficient oxygen transfer and complete mixing conditions.  It requires minimal capital costs because of its simplicity of installation and start-up.  The absence of any moving parts underwater results in significant savings in operating and maintenance costs.

Micromac uses its own installation team on all UK-based projects, and the system was installed on time and within budget.  The client’s Engineering Manager reports that already the new wastewater treatment system is working significantly more efficiently and reliably than its predecessor.

“We appointed Micromac on the basis of their competitive pricing combined with the technical proficiency and supportive nature of their staff,” explained the Engineering Manager.  “The work carried out by Micromac has met all of our expectations.  The technical support we received from the Micromac team has been first class – personally, I feel that I’ve learned a lot about effluent treatment during this project. The DAF unit is a very effective tool and is well suited to our needs.”

The ready meals producer is now looking at a water re-use project on their site and would welcome the opportunity to work with Micromac Filtration again.  “I have recommended Micromac to several other companies – I can say no better than that,” concludes the Engineering Manager.

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